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Normalisatiewerkzaamheden OCW 

Het OCW neemt deel aan de normalisatiewerkzaamheden in de onderstaande technische comités en werkgroepen.

CEN/TC en WG Belgische spiegelgroep Onderwerp Sectoraal operator
  E051 Cement and building limes CRIC-OCCN
  E104 Concrete and related products CRIC-OCCN
  E154 Aggregates CRIC-OCCN
  E165 Waste water management Belgaqua
  E169 Light and lighting IBE-BIV
  E178 Paving units and kerbs Probeton
TC226 E226 (REC) Road Equipment OCW-CRR
  x Road restraint systems  
TC226/WG2 x Road marking  
  x Vertical Signs  
  x Road noise reducing devices  
TC226/WG10 x Passive safety  
  x Variable Message Signs  
  E227 Road materials OCW-CRR
TC227/WG1 x Bituminous mixtures  
TC227/WG2 x Surface dressing and slurry surfacing  
TC227/WG3   Materials for concrete roads  
TC227/WG4   Hydraulically bound and unbound mixtures  
TC227/WG5   Surface characteristics  
  E246 Natural stones WTCB-CSTC
TC254 E254 Flexible sheets for waterproofing WTCB-CSTC
TC254/WG6 x Flexible sheets for concrete bridge decks  
TC314 (*)   Mastic asphalt  
TC336/WG1   Bituminous binders  
  E339 Slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces WTCB-CSTC
TC341/WG3 (*)   Geotechnical investigation - dynamic probing  
  E350 Sustainability of construction works WTCB-CSTC
  E351 Construction products - Assessment of release of dangerous substances WTCB-CSTC
TC386 E386 Photocatalysis - Air purification NBN
  E389 Innovation management FOD Economie-SPF Economie
TC396 E396 Eartworks OCW-CRR
TC396/WG1   Earthworks - general matters  
TC396/WG3   Earthworks - Construction procedures  
TC396/WG4   Earthworks - Quality control and monitoring  
ISO/TC043 I043 Acoustics NBN

(*) : momenteel niet actief

update: 16/06/2014